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With advanced notification system, Muswada allows you to follow in real time the publication of new chapters of the stories you have chosen to read.

Why choose Muswada as a platform for publishing your manuscripts ?

Muswada is the first social network dedicated exclusively to African literature

  • Publish on Muswada, It is to ensure not to see his works copied by a simple click to be then dishonestly published elsewhere without your consent.
  • At each chapter publication, you receive an email (acknowledgment of receipt) from Muswada.
  • This email can be used as proof of dating in writing in case of dispute or publication of your writings by a malicious person.
  • People who publish a first story tend to get discouraged when they do not find a public ready to accompany them and support them in this adventure.
  • Muswada with its policy of highlighting new feathers allows these people to have a public willing to accompany them as soon as the publication of their first story .

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