How it works

Discover some of the key features of muswada .

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    Create a story.

    With a sleek, user-oriented interface, create your first story in seconds on the Add New Story form. You have access to the form after registration and click on << Create a story >> in the menu

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    Create a chapter .

    As soon as your story is created, you are redirected to a page where you are invited to start creating your chapters.

    If you want to add a new chapter to an already published story, simply log in, click on my stories, go to the story in question and click on the button

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    Add a story to your library

    Anyone who creates an account on muswada automatically has a library .

    If you want to be alerted when publishing new chapters in a story you love, you must add it to your library by clicking on the button down to the extreme right when you are reading a chapter of the story, or the << Add >> button when you are on the history page .

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    Your statistics

    As soon as you create a story on muswada, you see in your menu the link "My statistics". This link allows you to have real time readings on your stories, the number of kiffs and the number of comments

    This section also allows you to see all the people who read you and who have your story in your library.

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    Kiff and comment a story .

    In order to create a genuine interaction between readers and authors, we have made readers aware of the features that allow you to let an author know that you are reading his or her writings or to leave your opinion on a chapter .

    Reading a story in silence abolished without leaving the slightest notice on a chapter that the author has spent hours writing is sometimes frustrating. If you like the pen of an author it is important to let him know

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    Posting topics

    Share discussion topics with your subscribers .

    With the muswada notification system, your readers and subscribers will immediately receive alerts.